A good thing about living in the city is you have access to all sorts of public transportation—the subway, trains, and buses. I personally love taking the bus.

I recently “discovered” bus routes to get to some of my favorite movie theaters, Dainana Geijutsu Gekijo and Ciné Nouveau. I previously had the notion that the only way to get to these was to take the Hankyu railway from Umeda, or the subway. (You can take a bicycle ride, of course.) These theaters are only a one or two station-ride from where I live, so having to walk to the stations and climb up/down the stairs to/from the platform is just simply a pain in the neck (mendokusai). And it’s taking the long way.

Now I’ve found a way to take only the bus, without having to get on the train or subway. It’s far more convenient and less crowded! And you have less chance of getting caught in the tourist-groups-with-large-rolling-luggage jam!


The photo shows the Rainbow Family, Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau’s mascots from way back when. Aren’t they adorable?