This past summer I took a month-long trip to Vancouver, the city where I was born and raised.

The city is gorgeous—viewed from close up at sunset, or mid-day from the top of the local ski hill, Grouse Mountain.


The food is great, whether it’s corn and salmon, Japanese rice curry (!), or a hot dog with craft beer by the ocean.

Although there’s lots of nature in the city, there’s even more if you go up the coast to rent a cottage.




From Vancouver, I flew across the Rocky Mountains to visit my sister in Edmonton, Alberta. It has a super cool aerospace history museum. (I did not fly to Edmonton in either of these planes.)


Edmonton seems to have a strong connection to Osaka, because I found:

An old streetcar from Osaka’s Hankai Line (I’m not kidding!) that runs through the city…


And a “pachinko-ball” work of art in a local park!


I tried calling Yoshimura-san and Shimizu-san from this pay phone in Vancouver. But whoever answered said they were in a meeting. Darn it! I wasted a dime!