Hi, everybody!

Today I went to a cool, post-office-themed café, then a funky shrine!


Yubin Nagara Kan Tegami Café in Gose, Nara is recommended on the Katsuragi Shugen tourism website (which C’s is doing!!).


Is it a post office?


No, it’s a café!








Chock-full of cool stuff from the past.








A memorial to the “Unknown Mail Carrier”








The lunch set was kick-ass delicious. And not too shabby in the nutrition department, either!








Sadly, I was too full for dessert, so I settled for the freebie (watermelon) and iced coffee.









I just had to tell my family back in Canada about this place, so I borrowed the café phone to call them.
My grandfather answered…
Hang on, he’s been dead 50 years!










Next stop, Katsuragi Hitokotonushi-jinja Shrine. Just a 5-minute drive away!







Working off those lunch calories








Love that Nara countryside








A 1,200-year-old tree








It’s an Inari shrine!